I have many thanks for Dr. Mason! For over a year I suffered with TMJ - I was barely able to open my mouth to eat or talk. I had been continuing to see the dentist with no relief in sight. I had even tried perscribed muscle relaxers and anti inflamatorie. Nothing seemed to be working. That is until I met Dr. Mason! In December 2009 I started seeing Dr. Mason. I must admit I was a bit hesitant to see a chiropractor since I don't like the cracking noise, but she uses a method where there is no cracking and no pain either during or after the treatment. After the first visit I was able to open my mouth a bit more and the locking and cracking had stopped. For the next 3 weeks I saw Dr. Mason twice a week and at the end of those 3 weeks the pain was all gone and the jaw was fully functioning. Since then I only go once a month to make sure the adjustments hold. I definitely recommend Dr. Mason to my friends and family.

K.B., Santa Clara

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