Claudia B. - Dr. Mason is an amazing chiropractic healer! I have relied on her for over 15 years to address injuries or age-related physical issues and to help bring me back to "wholeness" and vibrant health. She is not only a gifted healing expert in the activator technique (a gentler technique than standard manipulation), but is a truly compassionate caregiver who takes the time with her patients to insure that their concerns and needs are heard and addressed. I have referred countless friends, coworkers and family to her over the years, as she is truly the best chiropractor I have known in my 40+ years in the Bay Area. If you are looking for a caring and holistic approach to your physical health, Dr. Mason is the chiropractic practitioner for you!

Andy M. - Dr. Mason is amazing. I had a wrecked back about 10 years ago and found her through the Active Release Technique website and she has made my life meaningfully better. Both in terms of treatment to address acute issues but also guidance on exercises to prevent recurrences to finally her positive attitude and friendship. Thank you! You are amazing.

Jennifer H. - Dr. Mason is amazing. I’ve been seeing her for a few years now and she’s so much more than a chiropractor. She’s helped me work through various challenges - from frozen shoulder to scoliosis - and brought awareness to ways I can better connect to my body. She is supportive, understanding and truly care about the whole person. Her advice, guidance and direction have inspired me to change habits that have helped me sustain the work she’s done to relieve me from pain I’ve had for years. Highly highly recommend Dr. Mason!

Ron R. - I’m a 73-year old avid golfer who either plays or practices nearly every day, so I demand a lot from my body. Dr. Mason has helped to keep me able to play and carry my bag for 18 holes. I’ve been seeing Dr. Mason once a month for seven years, since she took over Dr. Harman’s chiropractic practice when he retired (was seeing Dr. Harman previously). Besides providing chiropractic care, Dr. Mason also works on soft tissue issues. For the latter, she provides needed massage and recommends stretches and exercises to strengthen problem muscles. Her techniques, which are neither painful nor invasive, address the root cause of problems rather than masking them with pain medications, as is the case with traditional medicine.Over the years, Dr. Mason has resolved acute, painful problems I didn’t think her techniques could address, e.g., ribs and other chest bones out of alignment. Dr. Mason is a caring professional dedicated to making patients as “fully functional” as possible. I would encourage anyone with persistent aches and pains to visit Dr. Mason. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Karen J. - Dr. Mason is kind, skilled, thoughtful and takes the time to listen and figure out how best she can help. I very much recommend her!

Gary P. - Feeling better every time I visit.

Gary L. - Dr mason is a [email protected] Chiropractor.

jason w. - Dr mason has helped me so many times.

K.B., Santa Clara- I have many thanks for Dr. Mason! For over a year I suffered with TMJ - I was barely able to open my mouth to eat or talk. I had been continuing to see the dentist with no relief in sight. I had even tried perscribed muscle relaxers and anti inflamatorie. Nothing seemed to be working. That is until I met Dr. Mason! In December 2009 I started seeing Dr. Mason. I must admit I was a bit hesitant to see a chiropractor since I don't like the cracking noise, but she uses a method where there is no cracking and no pain either during or after the treatment. After the first visit I was able to open my mouth a bit more and the locking and cracking had stopped. For the next 3 weeks I saw Dr. Mason twice a week and at the end of those 3 weeks the pain was all gone and the jaw was fully functioning. Since then I only go once a month to make sure the adjustments hold. I definitely recommend Dr. Mason to my friends and family.

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